How it works

Customize by me

Choose Your Template

Pick a template that tickles your fancy and suits your occasion.

Design & Customize

Dive into designing and personalizing up to 10 pages of your Yougazine.

Take a Peek

Preview your creation, making sure it’s shaping up just the way you envisioned.

Unlock Full Access

Love what you see? Make a payment to unlock the rest of the pages and keep the creativity flowing.

Wrap Up Your Design

Finish crafting your Yougazine, adding all the special touches you desire.

Final Review & Thumbs Up

Give your design a final review and a big thumbs up when it’s all set.

Design Only or Print Ahead

If you’ve got what you need, we’re done here! But if you’re eyeing a printed version, let’s move onto the printing stage.

Eagerly Await Your Yougazine

Sit back and daydream about the moment your personalized Yougazine arrives in your hands.

Customize for me

Select Your Template and Details

Start by selecting from our range of templates to find the perfect foundation for your story. Specify your desired size, number of pages, and copies to tailor it to your needs.

Make It Official

eal the deal with your payment, and let the magic begin.

Your Personal Cloud Drive

We set up a dedicated cloud drive just for you. Our unique design management system automatically creates a project account for you, complete with pre-established folders, guiding you on where to upload your content with ease, setting the stage for our designers to work their magic.

The Creative Journey Begins

Love what you see? Make a payment to unlock the rest of the pages and keep the creativity flowing.

Your First Look

Take the first glance at your creation on our user-friendly platform, where you can see your Yougazine come to life with our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page flipper.

Tell Us What You Think

Your input drives the process. Use our platform's interactive features to provide and track feedback effortlessly until the design matches your vision perfectly.

Give Us the Green Light

Fall in love with your design? Give us the go-ahead and we’ll prepare the final masterpiece.

The Finale

The moment has arrived—the completion of your Yougazine. We're all set to send your printed magazine straight to your doorstep, where it's ready to be cherished and shared.

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